Explore Saga by Train

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Explore Saga by Car

Free and easy tour by car Stay at modern auberge Arita House and enjoy a dip in Ureshino Onsen

known as one of the three best hot springs in Japan for beautiful skin

~From/to Fukuoka Airport or Hakata Station~

Car rental for 3 days (excluding private car plan) and hotel stay for 2 nights A combination plan with entrance to Fuyu Sanso at Kankyo Geijutsu no Mori Park and Arita ware pottery experience

A view of the picturesque Nanatsugama Caves Morning market in Yobuko town

One of Japan's Three Greatest Inari shrines, Yutoku Inari Shrine 

Sake brewing town Hizen Hamashuku

Enjoy hidden places in Saga that are difficult to reach by public transportation, such as Ouo Shrine known for its Floating Torii Gates in the Ariake Sea

2 nights 3 days plan

From JPY42,000!   

(The rate for 2 adults per room)

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This is a highly flexible tour plan that includes a rental car for 3 days (excluding the private car plan) and a hotel stay for 2 nights.

You could visit spectacular sites that are difficult to reach by public transportation. This course is available from and to Fukuoka Airport or Hakata Station, where there are more flights than any other places. In the pottery town of Arita, you will stay at the Auberge-style Arita House which opened in 2018, where you can indulge in a space surrounded by a variety of Arita ware pottery; some traditional, some contemporary, and some with the personality of a designer.

Also enjoy their carefully selected meals. In Ureshino Onsen which is known as one of the three most beautiful hot springs in Japan, you can choose to stay at either the The Hamilton Ureshion or Saga Ureshino Onsen Chagokoro no Yado Warakuen.

This tour plan also includes a pottery making experience in Arita, a world-famous pottery village and selected as one of Japan's 20th Century Heritage Sites, and a reservation for admission to Fuyu Sanso of Kankyo Geijutsu no Mori where you can enjoy a spectacular view like that of a mirror room. Saga is full of hidden gems! You can visit Nanatsugama Caves, a scenic spot designated as a national natural monument; Yobuko morning market, one of the three largest morning markets in Japan; Yutoku Inari Shrine, one of the three largest inari shrines in Japan with its beautiful lacquered buildings; a sake brewery tour in a town that has been brewing sake since the Edo period; and Ouo Shrine, with its beautiful floating torii gate in the Ariake Sea. These are the five major spots recommended by MYU Japan that you should visit at least once.

Enjoy a fun filled trip to Saga!


Stay in Arita

arita huis


arita huis is an auberge-style hotel opened in April 2018 in Arita of Saga prefecture, the origin of porcelain boasting a history of over 400 years. Based on the concept of "a place for you to return," Arita House was named after the Dutch word "huis," meaning house, which played a major role in the development of Arita ware. There are 11 guest rooms where each room is equipped with a counter kitchen and a laid-back dining room.

The simple and sophisticated guest rooms with impressive concrete walls were designed to provide guests with an extraordinary but high-quality and relaxing stay. The room decor consisting of furnitures from Morodomi of Saga Prefecture, Arita ware, and sophisticated accessories provides a sense of warmth in the midst of sophistication. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee or sweet Ureshino tea in your room with the Arita ware cup.

  • There are flat type and maisonette type rooms, however it is not possible to choose the room type.

  • Rooms with double bed may be provided.



The restaurant is an open space with 40 dining tables and 8 counter seats facing an open kitchen with a deep and relaxed atmosphere, where you can enjoy a course dinner decorated with seasonal local ingredients and served in a variety of Arita ware.

You can choose from three different themes: traditional, contemporary, and designers at the time of reservation. Experience the depth, history, and sophistication of Arita ware as you compare the dishes of different themes.

  • Non-smoking seats only.


Stay in Ureshino

The Hamilton Ureshino


The elegant Western-style hotel The Hamilton Ureshino stands on a small hill in Ureshino Onsen.

It is the first resort hotel in Ureshino Onsen and was named after Lady Hamilton of England who was called the "Beauty of the Century" from the 18th to 19th century.

The theme of this Western-style hotel is "nostalgia". When you step into the hotel, you will feel somewhat nostalgic. The secret lies in the subtle Japanese touches and the warmth of the wood use. In fact, even the exterior of the building has Japanese-style roof tiles, giving it a Japanese inspired appearance. The warmth of the wood and Japanese style roof tiles evoke the nostalgia in the hearts of Japanese people.


You will be welcomed into the lobby with a glass of welcome spumante upon check in. There is a beautiful library with a warm and inviting fireplace where the guests can lounge and interact with each other. This space is filled with a sense of relaxation and nostalgia, giving a feeling of familiarity of visiting a friend's house.

The guest rooms are designed with the theme of "true relaxation" in mind, equipped with Simmons beds that promise the best sleep, and carefully selected furniture and furnishings. We hope you will enjoy your stay in this peaceful and relaxing space.



Fresh local produces and seasonal ingredients are used in making the authentic Italian cuisine at this hotel.

The chef's skills brings out the rich flavor and best taste out of each dish made and served.

Hot spring


Ureshino is known as one of the three best hot springs in Japan for beautiful skin.

Enjoy a dip in three types of bathhouses with different tastes and personalities, including the private open-air baths. There's also hot spring water in the guest rooms for those who prefer to have some privacy.


Stay in Ureshino

Saga Ureshino Onsen Chagokoro no Yado Warakuen

嬉野 茶心の宿 和楽園 正面玄関.jpg

This inn offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in all guest rooms with the sceneries of the Ureshino River flowing through the center of town, the hot spring resort area, and the rich natural mountains on the other side.

Green tea which was imported from China in ancient times and served as a medicine at that time can be enjoyed in various forms such as drinking, eating, and bathing.


嬉野 茶心の宿 和楽園 お食事処「旬彩庵うれしの小町」(ホテルより入手).jpg

For dinner, seasonal kaiseki dishes are prepared using an abundance of fresh seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy fresh and excellent fish and shellfish caught in the Genkai Sea and Ariake Sea, tea porridge made of Ureshino's specialty tea, and hot spring tofu, a specialty of Ureshino Onsen.

You can also enjoy the original experience of "Ochasuri," a tea ceremony unique to Warakuen. Grind the Ureshino tea leaves with a mortar and pestle. The more you grind the tea, the more the flavor of the tea increases. The tea is also served at breakfast as a wake-up drink.

Hot spring

嬉野 茶心の宿 和楽園 大浴場「滝見の湯」(ホテルより入手).JPG

Ureshino Onsen is a clear colorless sodium bicarbonate chloride spring known throughout Japan as a hot spring for beautiful skin, smoothing out keratinized skin and moisturizing the skin.

At Chagokoro no Yado Warakuen, you can enjoy a tea bath which is very rare in Japan. The bath is filled with tea from Ureshino tea plantation.

The first tea bath in Japan was opened in September 1997. The open-air tea bath "ryokusen" is a very rare tea bath in Japan. The hot water full of Ureshino tea extract is poured from a huge stone teapot into the bathtub, and you can enjoy the whitening and skin beautifying effects of vitamin C, the active ingredient of tea, and the sterilizing effects of catechin by soaking the tea packets on the side of the hot spring and patting your face and arms in the hot spring water.

Green tea has many health benefits regardless of how it is consumed or used, and among the benefits are detox and releasing fatique. So in addition to drinking lots of green tea, enjoy a green tea bath.


Schedule & Price List

Day 1

Fukuoka Airport or Hakata Station ~ Kankyo Geijutsu no Mori Park ~ Arita


Arrival at Fukuoka Airport or Hakata Station.

Take a rental car or your own car to Kankyo Geijutsu no Mori Park (80km, approximately 1 hour).

Reservations for admission to Fuyu Sanso will be made. After sightseeing, proceed to Arita, the village of potteries (50km, approximately 1 hour).

Enjoy the historic streets of Arita, which have been selected as one of Japan's 20th Century Heritage Sites.


Dinner and overnight at arita huis.


【 Meals: Breakfast ✗ | Lunch ✗ | Dinner ✓ 】

環境芸術の森 許可済HP画像.jpg


Please provide us with the flight number of your arrival in Fukuoka so that we can make a reservation for you to enter Fuyu Sanso at Kankyo Geijutsu no Mori Park.

Day 2

Arita ~ Yobuko ~ Ureshino

七ツ釜 「提供:(一社)唐津観光協会」.jpg

© 2021 Karatsu Tourism Association


Take a rental car or private car to Yobuko (50km, approximately 1 hour).

Visit the recommended sites by MYU Japan;

(1) Visit the lively Yobuko Morning Market. The market has been operating for about 100 years, and you can enjoy the warm-hearted interaction with the old ladies who sell their specialties face-to-face.

(2) We also recommend a cruise around the scenic Nanatsugama, which is designated as a national natural monument (ticket price is not included).


Please take note of the following regarding the pottery experience.

  • Depending on the status of your reservation and work, there may be a waiting time.

  • You may be required to participate with other customers.

  • Products will be shipped at a later date, and you will need to pay for the postal fee yourself.

Day 3

Ureshino ~ Yutoku Inari Shrine ~ Mitsutake Shuzojo ~ Fukuoka Airport

After check-out, take a rental car or private car to Yutoku Inari Shrine (20km, approximately 30 minutes).

Visit the recommended sites by MYU Japan;

(3) Take a stroll at Yutoku Inari Shrine, one of the three major Inari shrines in Japan. After strolling around the shrine, make a visit to Hizen Hamashuku, where the old-fashioned townscape still remains (10km, approximately 15 minutes).

(4) Hizenya Mitsutake Shuzojo, where you can enjoy a tour of the brewery and purchase souvenirs. After the sake brewery tour, visit the famous Ouo Shrine (10km, approximately 15 minutes).

(5): Ouo Shrine, where you can see its torii gates floating on the surface of the Ariake Sea.

Finally, proceed to Fukuoka Airport or Hakata Station (110 km, approximately 2 hours).


【 Meals: Breakfast ✓ | Lunch ✗ | Dinner ✗】

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© Saga Prefectural Tourism Federation

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【Number of participants】

 1 to 2 people



arita huis (Arita)

By car

Approximately 1 hour (50km) from Kankyo Geijutsu no Mori Park

The Hamilton Ureshino (Ureshino)

Saga Ureshino Onsen Chagokoro no Yado Warakuen (Ureshino)

By car

Approximately 30 minutes (20km) from Arita

By car

Approximately 30 minutes (20km) from Arita



Please read the following before you proceed to the reservation.

<Additional information>

  • The rate for Rental Car Plan does not include the transportation fee to/from Fukuoka Airport.

  • The rate for Private Car Plan does not include the transportation fee between the accommodation and your residence.

  • Expressway and toll road fees are not included. Please make payment directly at the site.

  • Check-in time at arita huis is at 15:00, and check-out time is at 12:00.

  • The last start time for dinner at arita huis is 20:00.

  • Check-in time at The Hamilton Ureshino is at 15:00, and check-out time is at 11:00.

  • Check-in time at Saga Ureshino Onsen Chagokoro no Yado Warakuen is at 15:00, and check-out time is at 10:00.

  • Beverages are not included in the meal. Payment for drinks or additional orders should be made on site.

  • Your booking confirmation will be sent within 1-2 business days.

  • We will ask you to complete the payment after the booking has been confirmed.

  • You may be asked to present your residence card as proof of identification upon check-in.

  • Please be sure to check "the Go to Travel compliance policy" in advance.

<Cancellation policy>

  • Until 15 business days prior to the reserved date: Free of charge

  • From 14 business days prior to the reserved date: 30% of the total amount

  • From 7 business days prior to the reserved date: 60% of the total amount

  • From 4 business days prior to the reserved date: 100% of the total amount