Misasa Onsen

Izanro Iwasaki

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Located along the Mitoku River in Misasa Onsen, Izanro Iwasaki is the oldest inn in Misasa Onsen, established in 1920 and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020. Over the course of its 100-years history, the inn has welcomed the Showa Emperor and Empress, Prince Takamado and other members of the Imperial Family, as well as numerous literary figures and guests including Toson Shimazaki, Tekkan Yosano and his wife Akiko. The restaurant serves local delicacies such as Tottori wagyu beef and Matsuba crab, fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, as well as other carefully selected local ingredients, all prepared with the masterful skills of the chefs.



Deluxe Japanese-Style Room "Sansuikaku"

The guest rooms are spacious with between 10 tatami mats to 12.5 tatami mats, and are designed in authentic Japanese style. All rooms are equipped with a bath and toilet with washlet.

Size: 10 to 12.5 tatami mats + entrance

Capacity: 4 people

Bed type: Single futon

Amenities: Bath, toilet (with washlet), hair dryer, air purifier (rental), yukata, towel, toiletries

Deluxe Japanese-Style Room "Tozankaku"

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The guest rooms are designed to be suitable for single travelers and families, vary in size from 10 to 15 tatami mats. All rooms are equipped with a bath and a toilet with washlet.

Size: 10 to 15 tatami mats + entrance

Capacity: 4 people Bed type: Single futon

Amenities: Bath, toilet (with washlet), hair dryer, air purifier (rental), yukata, towel, toiletries



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The meals are made with enhanced cooking techniques and from the best seasonal ingredients grown in the nature of Tottori. Seafood are procured from Tottori Karo Port in the east and Sakaiminato in the west, while the central part of the prefecture produces its famous and high quality beef cattle. In addition to oysters in the summer, Matsuba crabs in the winter, and Tottori Japanese black beef; Tottori is also known for its delicious vegetables.


Hot spring

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Yama-no-yu is an open-air bath set in a gorgeous strolling garden, consisting of a left zone Hidari-no-yu with the open-air garden bath Aisui-no-yu and the large cypress bath Yomogiyama-no-yu, and a right zone Migi-no-yu with the large bath and open-air bath, including rock baths. Hidari-no-yu is designed to maximize the hormesis effect of Misasa Onsen by physically stimulating the body with steam, walking, sleeping, and foot baths. The Migi-no-yu is a bath with a theme of "healing" in a retro atmosphere of a bygone era. There are five baths that offer a dignified atmosphere where you can enjoy the therapeutic atmosphere of the past. Relax and enjoy the hot spring water of Misasa Onsen.

  • The men's and women's bathing areas are switched at 05:00, allowing you to enjoy one side in the evening, then the other side the next day.




By car

Hojo-Yubara Road Kurayoshi IC → Approximately 20 minutes (approximately 12km) San-in Expressway Tomari Togo IC → Approximately 25 minutes (approximately 15.5km)

By train

JR Kurayoshi Station → Approximately 18 minutes by taxi (approximately 9 km)

JR Kurayoshi Station → Approximately 30 minutes by local bus → Get off at Misasa Onsen Kanko Shoko Center Mae

  • There is also a free shuttle bus from JR Kurayoshi Station (14:30 - 18:00).  

If you would like to use this service, please make a reservation directly with the hotel at least one day in advance (0858-433-0111).



Please read the following before you proceed to the reservation.

Additional information

  • The rates do not include the transportation fee between the accommodation and your residence.

  • Check-in time is at 15:00, and check-out time is at 11:00.

  • Your booking confirmation will be sent within 1-2 business days.

  • We will ask you to complete the payment after the booking has been confirmed.

  • You may be asked to present your residence card as proof of identification upon check-in.

  • Please be sure to check "the Go to Travel compliance policy" in advance.

Cancellation policy

  • From 7 to 4 business days prior to the reserved date: 20% of the total amount

  • From 3 to 2 business days prior to the reserved date: 30% of the total amount

  • From 1 business days prior to the reserved date: 50% of the total amount

  • On the reserved date or no show: 100% of the total amount