Explore Osatsu

the town of female divers and fishermen

Learn about pearls and experience the Ama diver's culture

in 2 days 1 night

~Stay at Resort Hills Toyohama Sora no Kaze~

Osatsu is a quaint and scenic town of female divers and fishermen, located at the tip of Ise-Shima National Park at the south of Toba in Mie prefecture. The culture of Ama divers is mentioned in the Manyoshu (the oldest anthology of poetry), and the traditional techniques that remain today are the first in Japan to be designated as the prefecture's Intangible Folk Cultural Asset.

Experience the culture of Ama divers in 2 days and 1 night. On the first day, you will be visiting Mikimoto Pearl Island which is the world's first pearl cultivation center to learn about the pearls and watch a demonstration of the Ama diver fishing. And on the second day, you will be served with fresh seafood while listening to the Ama divers' interesting stories at the Ama Hut Osatsu-kamado which is also their resting place.




Visit to Mikimoto Pearl Island. Mikimoto Pearl Island is the world's first pearl cultivation site.

You will be able to learn and feel all about the things and people related to pearls.

After visiting the museum, watch a fishing demonstration by the Ama divers. It is said that the success of pearl cultivation would not have been possible without the presence of Ama divers. Enjoy the demonstration of women divers in traditional white cloth outfit.

【 Meals: Breakfast ✗ | Lunch ✗ | Dinner ✓ 】

Stay at Resort Hills Toyohama Sora no Kaze

①ミキモト全景 by ISE.jpg
  • Ama fishing demonstration: Every hour between 09:30 and 16:30 (Subject to change depending on the weather and sunset)


Free time until lunch.

We recommend visiting the Shinmei Shrine where Ishigami-san (Stone God) on the grounds of the shrine grants at least one wish of a woman, and Osatsu Ama Culture Museum (free of charge) where you can learn more about the culture and history of Ama divers.

12:00 Lunch at Ama Hut Osatsu-kamado.

Sazae (turban shell), short-neck clam, noble scallop, dried fish, and other seasonal delicacies of Osatsu are grilled on the spot by the Ama divers. Enjoy some precious time listening to the stories of the Ama divers.

The tour ends after lunch.

【 Meals: Breakfast ✓ | Lunch ✓ | Dinner ✗ 】



Resort Hills Toyohama Sora no Kaze


At Resort Hills Toyohama Sora no Kaze, a ship-shaped tray filled with sashimi is offered to all guests in addition to many other dishes made of freshly caught seafood and local delicacies. The hot baths uses the hot spring water from Sakakibara no Yu which is known as one of Japan's three most famous hot springs with water which makes your skin beautiful. You could enjoy a relaxing moment by unwind on the hammock at the AZUL lobby space, getting a free pedicure with the fish footbath, or just have a seat on the terrace and listen to the sound of the flowing water.


Japanese-style room

①部屋 基本和室10畳.jpg

This is a basic Japanese-style room with 10 tatami mats. Located on top of a hill, the lower floors are as high as the 5th and 6th floors of other buildings, making it a room with view. The direction varies from room to room, but all rooms have a view of the ocean.

【1-5 guests /10 tatami mats】

Superior Twin

②部屋 スーペリアツイン.jpg

Renovated in 2013, this stylish twin room is wheelchair accessible and popular among young couples. The bathroom has a rain shower head with massaging effect and a balcony for relaxation. A sofa bed for 1 guest is available for a group of 3 guests.

【1-3 guests / 36m²】

Casual room with open-air bath

③部屋 カジュアル露天風呂付客室.jpg

This is the most reasonable guest room with an open-air bath. You can enjoy the fresh air while taking a relaxing outdoor bath.

【2-5 guests / 10 tatami mats】

Japanese/Western-style room with open-air bath

④部屋 露天付洋風和室.jpg

A Japanese-style or Western-style designer's room. The room has a warm atmosphere, a horigotatsu and a retractable open-air bath to keep you warm even in winter. It is popular among couples.

【1-2 guests / 30m²】

Family room with open-air bath

⑤部屋 ファミリー露天風呂付客室.jpg

A spacious Japanese-style room with 12 tatami mats and a veranda for relaxing. The room has a retractable open-air bath to keep you warm even in winter. It is recommended for large groups or families with children and elderly people.

【2-6 guests /12 tatami mats】

Special room with garden view open-air bath

⑥部屋 坪庭露天付特別室.jpg

A combination of Western-style room and Japanese-style room where you could enjoy the bath while looking at a Japanese garden. This corner room also has an indoor bath, so you can soak in a warm bath even in winter. It is recommended for groups with children and elderly people. (The indoor bath is not a hot spring.)

【2-6 guests /12 tatami mats + Western-style room】



Local people knows the best use of local ingredients and how to cook them. The dishes are made with the Haiku term "fueki ryuko" (constancy and change) in mind; where new changes are incorporated while keeping the same the same values.

<Amabue Kaiseki course>

The basic dinner plan of Sora no Kaze; a well-balanced course which includes among other dishes the seafood and Japanese black beef teppanyaki.

Sample menu:

12 dishes consisting of sashimi boat, six kinds of seafood from Osatsu (Ise lobster, amberjack, Ise tuna etc.), steamed sea bream with herbs, Japanese black beef teppanyaki, golden grilled Ise lobster, steamed sea bream rice etc.

  • Special Kaiseki course with abalone (additional JPY3,500 per person) or a Mie brand Kaiseki course with Mie's proud brands such as lobster, abalone, and Matsuzaka beef (additional JPY7,000 per person) can be arranged for an additional charge.


Feast on Osatsu Gozen to start a good day. Breakfast is prepared with the scent of the sea that only Osatsu can offer. Sample menu : A total of 10 dishes including Osatsu's specialty lobster soup, Ise-Shima's delicacy shark sauce (dried shark), mirin-boshi horse mackerel (from Shima), chawanmushi,one dish of the day (complimentary) and Mie prefecture's Koshihikari rice.

  • Dinner and breakfast will be served in the dining room equipped with tables and chairs.

  • Dinner will be served at 18:00 or 19:00, and will be decided on a first-come first-served basis. Venue selection is not possible.



By public bus

Take the Kamome Bus bound for Kuzaki from the Toba Bus Center and get off at Chidorigahama stop (approximately 50 minutes). 

  • The hotel shuttle bus could pick you up at the Chidorigahama stop, so please contact the hotel before boarding the bus.

By hotel shuttle bus

Toba Station → Hotel (approximately 30 minutes)

From Toba Station: 15:00/16:30

If you would like to use the hotel's shuttle bus, please specify it in the "Special arrangements or requests" section at the end of the application form.

Car Rental

We can arrange a rental car for you. Choose to pick up from either the airport or train station depending on your convenience!

  • The pick up and return locations are basically the same. If you wish to return the rental car at a different location, please feel free to contact us.

  • If you would like to arrange a rental car, please make a reservation in the "Special arrangements or requests" section at the end of the application form.



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