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Cycling tour accompanied by an escort rider

Electric bicycles are also available

2 days 1 night

Hamajima gourmet experience


The 10km coastal road overlooking the Kumano Sea in Hamashima of Shima city is named Yume Kaido and is a tourist attraction with its tile paintings and drawings.

Stop by Oyamaha Beach the venue for the Ise Lobster Festival, and also Isobue Misaki Observatory where you could enjoy an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoy a tea break at Melon House Kawaguchi, melon farm which supplied to the G7 Ise-Shima Summit. In the afternoon, you will make a local dish of Shima city called Tekone-zushi, which will also be your lunch. Choose between a cross bike or an electric bike for this tour. You could cycle in comfort while being accompanied by an escort rider and a support car (on request basis). This easy cycling tour is suitable for beginners.




Free time. Ise Shima is a major tourist destination.

Make sure to check out Ise Grand Shrine and Yokoyama Observatory where you can see the whole of Ago Bay.

Check in at the hotel.

The hotel offers a range of activities to enjoy in the afternoon. 

Click here for more information about hotel activities >> 


Dinner is served at the Satoyama Lounge, an outdoor dining room with a 360° panoramic view of the surrounding nature.



【 Meals: Breakfast ✗ | Lunch ✗ | Dinner ✓ 】  


Hamajima & Yumekaido cycling tour with an escort rider and support car.

09:00 Start cycling from Hamashima Port (see note) We will take a break at Oyahama Beach and Cape Isobue Observatory.

11:00 Visit Melon House Kawaguchi    

Enjoy a 1/8 cut melon or sorbet.

12:15 Tekone Zuzhi making experience at Umi Hozuki and lunch (approx. 90 mins)    

Using fresh seafood, make and eat Tekone-zushi, a local dish of Shima city.

14:00 End of the tour at Hamajima Port.

Return on your own.

【 Meals: Breakfast ✓ | Lunch ✓ | Dinner ✗ 】


Note: The cost of transport to the port of Hamashima is not included in the price.

Please come by taxi or car. If you arrive by taxi, you can leave your luggage in the support car.



Time: Approximately 5 hours

Distance: Approximately 10km

Maximum elevation gain: 47m Average slope: 3.8% uphill, 4.5% downhill

This is a beginner's course. The pace will be adjusted according to your level.

What to bring: Small backpack (to store your important personal belongings), insurance card 

  • Long skirts and wide-legged pants are not recommended due to the possibility of getting caught in the gears and tires.

Bicycle Cross bike:

Bianchi CAMALEONTE 1 SHIMANO 8sp (recommended height 153cm~)

Electric power assisted bicycle: Panasonic (recommended height 150cm~175cm)

  • Please provide us with your preferred bicycle type and your height at the time of application.


Accident insurance details:

  •   Death and disability: JPY10,000,000 per incident

  •   Daily hospitalization: JPY5,000 per day

  •   Daily hospital visit: JPY2,500 per day

  •   All other expenses are not covered by the insurance and to be borned by the participant.

  •   Injuries to third parties and damage to vehicles are not covered by insurance.


Important notes:

  •   If there are no available rental bicycles, we may not be able to accept your participation.

  •   The program is subject to change depending on the weather and other conditions on the day of the event.

  •   Please wear the provided helmet during the cycling tour.

  •   We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

  •   Energy snacks and mineral water is provided during the cycling tour.

  •   Large luggage can be kept in the support car.

  •   The accident insurance is valid only for those who use the bicycles we provide.

  •   If you are bringing your own bicycle, we recommend that you purchase your own insurance.





NEMU RESORT is located in the Ise-Shima National Park; surrounded by a vast area of sea, forest and sky, where the real nature is. From the moment you step in through the entrance, you will be welcomed with warm hospitality and a sense of being away from your busy daily life.

All rooms are spacious with the size of 46.8m² with windows overlooking the natural greenery of Ise-Shima and the skyline. Enjoy a restful stay at the resort.


Superior Tatami Room

③部屋 スーペリアタタミルーム.jpg

These superb rooms in Japanese modern style are attuned to your resort hotel lifestyle.

Sleeping up to five persons on tatami, on family holidays with small children, you can even bring along a grandparent or two. The rooms are also convenient for groups of friends.

They are as accommodating as only tatami rooms can be, and the appearance and tactile pleasures of natural surfaces help create a mellow and relaxing mood.

【5 guests / 46.8m²】

Deluxe Room

④部屋 デラックスルーム2.jpg

In the calm, unruffled interior wooden furniture and natural colors harmonize your peace and comfort.

As soon as you enter the room, you get an impression of space from the view of the greenery of NEMU no Mori stretching away beyond the large picture window. A special delight awaits your wakening when, as you draw the curtain, sunlight floods into the room.

【4 guests / 46.8m²】

Premium Deluxe Room 

⑤部屋 プレミアデラックスルーム.jpg

Exclusively in eight special guest rooms, decorative driftwood and pearl motifs enhance the image of the seas and forests of Shima.

Stretch out on spacious 1,400mm wide beds, enjoy a bathroom styled for comfort and the convenience of a night steamer, coffee maker, and other items provided to help you truly unwind during your resort stay. As you sit on the sofa and look out over the trees of NEMU no Mori, let time sink away.

【3 guests / 46.8m²】


Glamping dinner


Satoyama Lounge offers a unique luxurious dining experience under an open tent with 360° panoramic view of the forest and ocean. And here you could savor a delicious French resort cuisine made of fresh marine and mountain delicacies of Ise-Shima which is also known as Miketsukuni (a region that supplied food to the Imperial Family and Imperial Court from Japan ancient era to Heian era).

This enjoyable experience allows you to watch live cooking and have a conversation with the chef while dining under a starry sky.

Sample menu

  • Amuse-bouche

  • 6 kinds of hors d'oeuvres

  • Bouillabaisse of Ise lobster and shellfish

  • Grilled Japanese beef fillet (100g)

  • Focaccia with your choice of toppings

  • Coffee or tea

  • The menu is subject to change depending on availability and season.



  • From Kashikojima Station, you can take the free shuttle bus (approx. 20 minutes) or the marine taxi (approx. 15 minutes).  

  • The shuttle bus departs every hour on the 50th minute between 09:50 and 17:50, and the marine taxi departs every 45 minutes between 09:30 and 15:30.  

  • The shuttle bus must be booked by 17:00 the day before, and the marine taxi cannot be booked once they have reached their maximum capacity of 5 passengers per departure. Please make your booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  

  • If you wish to use the hotel's shuttle bus, please make a reservation in the "Special arrangements or requests" section at the end of the application form.

Car Rental

We can arrange a rental car for you. Choose to pick up from either the airport or train station depending on your convenience!

  • The pick up and return locations are basically the same. If you wish to return the rental car at a different location, please feel free to contact us.

  • If you would like to arrange a rental car, please make a reservation in the "Special arrangements or requests" section at the end of the application form.



Please read the following before you proceed to the reservation.

Additional information

  • The rates do not include the transportation fee between the accommodation and your residence.

  • Check-in time is at 15:00, and check-out time is at 11:00.

  • Your booking confirmation will be sent within 1-2 business days.

  • We will ask you to complete the payment after the booking has been confirmed.

  • You may be asked to present your residence card as proof of identification upon check-in.

  • Please be sure to check "the Go to Travel compliance policy" in advance.


Cancellation policy

  • From 7 to 4 business days prior to the reserved date: 30% of the total amount

  • From 3 to 2 business days prior to the reserved date: 50% of the total amount

  • From 1 business days prior to the reserved date: 80% of the total amount

  • On the reserved date: 100% of the total amount