A Beginner's Guide

to Climbing Mt. Fuji


For beginners

Knowing the necessary information will make your climb to Mt. Fuji easy and fun!

Climbing tour from the 5th Station to the summit

Mt. Fuji was registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2013.

There are many people who have never climbed the mountain, but would like to do so someday. The sight of it is beautiful, but if you have the chance, why not climb to the top of the mountain and conquer the highest peak in Japan.

Lesson 1 

When can I climb Mt. Fuji?


The climbing season is the safest time to climb Mt. Fuji.

◆Climbing from Yamanashi side: From 1 July till early September

◆Climbing from Shizuoka side: From 10 July till early September

As mentioned above, it is only available during the summer season. It is possible to climb the mountain before or after the climbing season, however it will be at your own risk. If you get lost or injured during the climb, you may cause trouble for many people, therefore it is advisable not do so. Also, in any period other than the climbing season, trails and huts are closed, and it is very dangerous to climb the mountain especially during the winter season.

Lesson 2

What kind of preparation do I need to do?

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The first and most important thing is to prepare your mind... yes, determination!


Of course, you will also need to be prepared physically, which is more of an effort than preparation. You also need some equipments.

Yamarent Kawaguchiko Shop 12-piece rental set

Backpack cover (worth approximately JPY10,000) + rainwear (worth approximately JPY10,000) + hiking shoes (worth approximately JPY10,000) + headlamp (worth approximately JPY10,000) If you add them up with other items, you will need several thousands of yen. Renting a backpack cover costs between JPY6,000 and JPY15,000.

You may also consider to invite someone to join you. It could be someone close such as a families, partners, friends, colleagues etc. Otherwise, you could always participate on your own. There are many solo climbers. Out of 30,000 tour participants, approximately 15% or 4,500 people are solo climbers. And in the past few years, we have seen many female climbers.

Lesson 3

Join a tour and climb Mt. Fuji

There are two routes; one from Yamanashi side and the other from Shizuoka side. Our tour will take the most popular route, the Yoshida Trail which climbs from the Yamanashi side. You can choose to climb freely on a day trip or stay at a mountain hut with a guide. The basic flow is as follows.

① The bus will take you up to the Fuji Yoshida Exit of 5th Station 


Generally, approximately 60% of the climbers go up from the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station or also known as Fuji Yoshida Exit 5th Station. It is also the starting point for this tour.

➁ Start climbing from the 5th Station


In general, an overnight tour staying at a mountain hut of 20-30 people in a group will be accompanied by a guide. One-day tour is a free climbing course without a guide, attendant, or staff.

③ Take a nap or rest at a mountain hut on the way

(In the 2 Days 1 Night tour only)


If you decide to make a rest stop at a mountain hut above the 8th Station, you will climb less after the rest, but of course you will have to climb more before reaching the mountain hut. In the 2 Days 1 Night tour, you will rest at the popular mountain hut Goraiko-kan.

In 2021, Goraiko-kan will operate at a maximum of 50% of capacity 

④ Ascend in the middle of the night and catch the sunrise at the top of the mountain

(In the 2 Days 1 Night tour only)


For the sunrise tour, the ascendig time is in the middle of the night depending on the altitude of the mountain hut. For mountain huts on the lower altitude, the ascending time is around 22:00, and for mountain huts on the higher altitude lodges it is around 03:00. If you make a rest stop at Goraiko-kan, you will wake up at 01:30 and start climbing at 02:00. You should arrive at the summit at around 05:00. There are also tours that allow you to watch the sunrise at the mountain hut and have breakfast first before climbing to the summit after the sun is up.

⑤ Descend to the 5th Station and make a trip to a bathing facility


It is nice to take a bath after descending the mountain to cleanse and relax the body. Our tours offer hot spring bath and a scrumptious meal.

If you do not wish to take a bath, you may wait in the rest area.

⑥ Return to each location by bus


Get off at Shinjuku or Tokyo

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