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Head to Izu

A major tourist area in the Kanto region close to the Capital Region Where kids and adults could have fun

Izu and Ito is a hot spring resort and popular tourist destination known by almost everyone. Despite its location close to Tokyo, it is a place rich with nature. There are many scenic spots not to be missed; such as the Jogasaki Coast which has been recognized as a Geopark and designated as a Fuji-Hakone National Park, the Kadowaki Tsuribashi suspension bridge which handgs over the sea with a precipitous cliff which is rare in Japan, the Tsushima Waterfall known as the "phantom waterfall" which only appears when there is a lot of rainfall, and Mount Omuro which has been designated as a national natural monument. There are also family-friendly spots such as Izu Granpal Park and Izu Shaboten Zoo.


Akazawa Onsen

Resort & Spa

Enjoy a resort stay surrounded by the sea and nature


Famous hot spring areas are such as Ito Onsen, Atagawa Onsen, Inatori Onsen, and Shimoda Onsen among others. And on the south of Izu Kogen, there is the Akazawa Onsenkyo located in Higashi Izu. Why don't you enjoy a resort stay at Akazawa Onsen Hotel and Akazawa Geihinkan, both of which are produced and run by DHC, a famous cosmetics manufacturer?

Privileges for Guests

Free use of the Akazawa Onsen Day use hot springs (bath facility)

The Day use hot springs is connected to the Akazawa Onsen Hotel via a passageway. It is a hot spring facility with a view of the Pacific Ocean, including a large open-air bath of more than 20 meters in width.

Business hours

Regular season (Weekdays, Saturday, holidays including the last day of long weekends)


Peak season (New Year's holidays, the first and middle days of long weekends)


  • Last entry 21:00

  • You can use it on the check-in day, during your stay and on the check-out day.


Free use of the DHC Akazawa Fitness Club

The building is divided into eight different areas and is a total training gym. The club offers different workout equipment for both beginners and advanced, regardless of gender and age In addition to the use of the facility, hotel guests can also rent training clothes, shoes and towels for free.

Business hours:

Weekday: 10:00~22:00,

Weekend and public holidays: 09:00~20:00

  • You can use it on the check-in day, during your stay and on the check-out day.

  • This service is available to guests 15 years of age and older.

Discounts at Akazawa Spa

The Akazawa Spa is a spa facility based on the concept of "Thalasso Therapy," a marine therapy originating in France, and is designed for beauty and health, as well as relaxation of body and soul. You can enjoy a swimming pool with deep ocean water rich in minerals, healing dome full of aroma, salt pit where you can experience the space of clean air created by salt crystals, and thalasso hammam where you can enjoy a steam sauna with a body pack rich in vitamins and minerals. It is priced at JPY3,000 after a discount of JPY500.

Business hours: Daily 10:00~20:00 (Last admission 19:00)

  • Please bring your own swimwear (JPY600 per person for rental)

  • Bath towel, face towel and bath robe is available for use.

  • Please return the locker key to the reception desk by 20:00.

  • Children aged 15 years and below are not allowed to use this facility.

  • Pregnant women are required to obtain a written medical consent from a doctor in advance.

  • Guests who are intoxicated or with tattoo is prohibited from using the facility.

  • Please refrain from taking photos or videos and bringing in food from the outside.

  • There is no restaurant facility inside.

  • Please refrain from using the facility is you are infected with any potentially contagious disease.

  • Please refrain from using the facility if you have been perscribed by a doctor to not take a bath or participate in any sports activity.




The finest comforts and hospitality

Akazawa Geihinkan

JPY46,200~93,500 per person

(For 2 adults in a room)


Enjoy a resort stay surrounded by the sea

Akazawa Onsen Hotel

JPY17,200~37,000 per person

(For 2 adults in a room)


The finest comforts and hospitality

Akazawa Geihinkan


The interior of the hotel is the ultimate in Japanese architecture. The rooms are filled with dignified elegance and attention to detail, and all rooms are equipped with an open-air bath that is lavishly filled with deep ocean water. All rooms are decorated with dignified elegance, and all rooms are equipped with an open-air bath that is lavishly filled with deep sea water. We offer first class, yet unpretentious and friendly service. We promise the highest quality of comfort and relaxing hospitality.

Hot springs

Soak in a hot bath with 100% deep ocean water


Deep ocean water is seawater at a depth of more than 200m, where sunlight generally cannot reach. It retains the advantages of stable low temperature, eutrophication, mineral balance and cleanliness compared to the surface water of the same seawater. The Akazawa deep seawater is collected from a depth of 800m, the deepest commercially available seawater in Japan which is said to be about 1,100 years old. It also has the highest values of all four major conditions for deep ocean water than any other district. The bathing area is made 100% from deep sea water; and includes a half open-air cypress and stone bath, a sauna, and a water bath. You can also enjoy a standing bath with a view of the garden.


Kaiseki cuisine, elaborately crafted

served in a private room


We provide Japanese style Kaiseki meal using the seasonal ingredients which selected carefully from the whole country. Please enjoy our traditional Kyoto-style cuisine with a creative twist. Meals are served in the private dining room. The private room overlooks the garden, and the illuminated night scenery is amazing.


Our kaiseki cuisine is carefully prepared with innovative ideas and techniques. Japanese cuisine is said to be the culmination of dashi culture. The golden broth is made from the deep water of the Akazawa Sea, the water of life, and kelp and bonito that are carefully selected. Please enjoy our superb hospitality with the deliciousness of the mountains and seas of the four seasons.

Dinner can be served between 18:00-20:00 at any time of the guest's choice.

(Please note that we may not be able to meet your request.)


We'll be serving up a healthy Japanese meal with fresh salads with a focus on local vegetables, dried fish and saikyo-yaki, tofu and yuba, all of which are made with the best ingredients.


Akazawa Geihinkan

Japanese style room with private open-air bath


There are only 15 rooms in a vast site. The living room, bedroom, veranda and open-air baths offer a space for hospitality with the ultimate in Japanese architectural beauty, such as Ajiro ceilings and Juraku walls. The rooms on the second floor offers a view of the forest, and the rooms on the first floor offer a view of the spacious garden. Dress up in the original Geihinkan yukata and enjoy an extraordinary relaxing time that will make you forget your usual busy life.

【70㎡(8.5 tatami mats living room + 5.5 tatami mats bedroom)】

【1-3 guests】


Akazawa Onsen Hotel

A resort stay overlooking the ocean


A chic exterior that blends in the nature, filled with Japanese beauty, and an open space overlooking the sea. A gushing hot spring and a variety of seasonal dishes. The ultimate healing experience to rejuvenate yourself. Spend a moment of bliss in the sea breeze.

Hot Springs

The ocean fills your field of view


Both the indoor bath and open-air bath are located overlooking the ocean. They were designed to give you a feeling of being in the ocean while you're in the bath. The Akazawa hot spring is a low-tension, smooth hot spring that is less stimulating and more relaxing for children and older guests.


Nurtured by the mountains and seas of

Akazawa Tantalizing tastes of the four seasons


Dinner and breakfast are served at a restaurant with a view of the sea. We offer Japanese style kaiseki cuisine using fresh seafood from the seas around Izu and other seasonal ingredients from the mountains.


Izu is blessed with plenty of fresh food sources from the sea and mountains.

At the Akazawa Onsen Hotel, you can enjoy a monthly Japanese set menu with a wide variety of seasonal seafood and other ingredients. Take pleasure in dining at this ocean view restaurant.

<Kaiseki Cuisine (sample menu)>

  • Kaiseki Cuisine (sample menu)

  • Appetizer: Small sea bream sushi, white kelp, fried white fish, firefly squid, spring onion, vinegared miso, seaweed with rikyu, boiled greens and sakura shrimp, asari in DHC olive oil, anchovies

  • Sashimi: Assorted sashimi

  • Soup replacement: Snow crab hot pot (small), Chinese cabbage, duck meatball, black sesame rice cake

  • Grilled food: Grilled Ezo abalone with oyster sauce, hijiki sauce, simmered turnip, bamboo shoots, pak choi, green onion

  • Steamed dish: Chawanmushi with salmon roe, scallop, young chicken, lily bulb, ginkgo, shiitake mushroom, Japanese parsley "mitsuba", yuzu

  • Fried dish: Tiger prawn, cod roe, kogo, Ashitaba (Angelica Keiskei), miso with leaf bud, lemon

  • Rice/noodle: Sakura snapper kelp chazuke with sakura petals and pickles or sakura soba noodles with condiments

  • Dessert: Sakura ice cream, strawberries, and hojicha roll

  • The ingredients will vary depending on the season and availability.

You could choose to have dinner at 17:30 or at 19:30. Please let us know your preferred dinner time upon making a reservation. (Please note that we may not be able to meet your request.)



A wide variety of Japanese and Western breakfast buffet Japanese dishes served are such as freshly baked dried fish and other Japanese dishes with an abundance of seasonal ingredients, as well as Western food such as the gratin baked at the hotel every day and soup that is good to wake up to in the morning.

Please feel free to eat as much as you like. Desserts prepared are fresh fruit and baked pudding with coffee.


Standard Western room


Sophisticated interior, simple and attractive. This is a comfortable, natural and relaxing room.

【39㎡ 1-3 guests】

Standard Japanese room


A Japanese style room that creates a modern Japanese feel. The theme is the warmth and cleanliness of the wood. You can enjoy the view of the ocean all to yourself while relaxing in a tatami room.

【39㎡ 1-5 guests】

Srandard Japanese-Western room


This room combines the comfort of Japanese style with the functionality of a Western-style room. Through the window glass, you can enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean. You can relax to your heart's content.

【39㎡ 1-5 guests】

Western room with private open-air bath


This is a Western-style twin room with a simple interior that makes you feel relaxed. A quaint well located in the green garden creates a nostalgic and comfortable space.

【49㎡ 1-3 guests】

Japanese-Western room with private open-air bath


This room has a relaxed atmosphere with a Japanese-style room and a bedroom. Spend a relaxing time in the Japanese style open-air baths to your heart's content.

【46㎡ 1-5 guests】

Japanese-Western deluxe room with private open-air bath


This spacious room consists of bedroom and a Japanese style room. There is a garden with Karesansui and earthen walls, and the stones and white sand in the garden capture the look of the ocean water. Exclusive to the suites, the deck space with wooden recliners and a table is perfect for relaxing in nature after a hot bath.

【71㎡ 1-5 guests】



Access :

By train

  • From Atami, take the limited express Odoriko Line or Izu Kyuko Line to Izu Kogen Station (approximately 50 minutes).

  • There is a free shuttle bus from Izu-Kogen Station.

By shuttle bus

  • Izu-kogen Station → Akazawa Spa → Day use hot spring → Akazawa Onsen Hotel

image (3).png
  • Akazawa Onsen Hotel → Day use hot spring → Akazawa Spa → Izu-Kogen Station

image (4).png

By car

Get off the highway at the Amagi Kogen IC and drive along the public road for approximately 20 minutes



Please read the following before you proceed to the reservation.

Additional information

  • The rates do not include the transportation fee between the accommodation and your residence.

  • Check-in time is at 15:00, and check-out time is at 11:00 for Akazawa Onsen Hotel, and at 12:00 for Akazawa Geihinkan.

  • Your booking confirmation will be sent within 1-2 business days.

  • We will ask you to complete the payment after the booking has been confirmed.

  • You may be asked to present your residence card as proof of identification upon check-in.

  • Please be sure to check "the Go to Travel compliance policy" in advance.

Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy below applies to both Akazawa Geihinkan and Akazawa Onse Hotel.

  • From 7 to 4 business days prior to the reserved date: 30% of the total amount

  • From 3 to 2 business days prior to the reserved date: 50% of the total amount

  • 1 business day prior to the reserved date: 80% of the total amount

  • On the reserved date or no show: 100% of the total amount